Hugh Schonfield

The following biographical data has been furnished by St Pauls School London:

  • Admitted in the Autumn Term of 1914 to St. Pauls School and came from Colet Court.
  • He left form LV in March 1917.
  • He went to King’s College London
  • 1926 Glasgow University: DSL
  • 1926-36 advertising PR
  • Appointments: Promotions Mgr, Northcliffe Newspapers Gp
  • 1939-45 attd. to Middle East Dept., Min of Informationauthor and biographer. Books include The Suez Canal in World Affairs; The Passover Plot; The Original New Testament, The Essene Odyssey; FIAL.
  • Died 24.1.1988

But this would not in any way do justice to a rich and productive life as we hope to demonstrate in these pages.

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