The Wilhelm Haller Peace Prize

The Wilhelm Haller Peace Prize

The Wilhelm Haller Peace Prize is awarded by the Hugh and Helene Schonfield World Service Trust to natural persons who make a contribution to peace or reconciliation through business, the arts or the economy and who act in according to the following principles:

No-one is an Enemy
No-one is a Foreigner
Service to All
Complete Impartiality
Work for Peace
True Democracy
Equity and Justice

Those awarded the prize receive a sum of money together with an award certificate. The amount awarded depends on funds available but is initially set to 500 GBP.

Persons deemed worthy of the honour shall be nominated by a minimum of 20 persons without respect to status or wealth. The nomination may take place in writing or over social networks.

The final selection is made by and at the discretion of the trustees as and when suitable funds are available.

A ceremony may be held to present the award to which the public will be invited.

AWARD 2013 goes to Davide Martello

Information about Wilhelm Haller can be found at

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